1984 - From humble beginnings come great things

In 1984, life for J&H Local started off as "Harbans Mini Market" on the outskirts of Bradford.

The small corner shop  was no bigger than  an average sized living room, and  was  operated and managed solely by  Harbans Kaur.

The  corner shop stocked a very minimal quantity and range of goods, but had     very  big and heavy newpaper rounds!

2003 - Growth and comfort do not coexist

In 2003, after   numerous   building extensions  "Harbans Mini Market" was inaugurated   as "J&H Market".

This  transformed  the corner shop into a community   convenience store , stocking a much larger range of retail goods. 

The convenience store was approximately  1,800 sq.ft in size and employed 5 people.

2009 - Patience is a virtue

In 2009, after further  building extensions  "J&H Market" was officialy inaugurated   as  "J&H Local", the multi-award winning  retail company.

This  transformed the community   convenience store into a  fully fledged modern convenience store  with ATM access  and in-store bakery!

The convenience store is   approximately  2,900 sq.ft in size and has car parking for up to  10 cars.

2013 - Good things come to those who wait 

In 2013   after several years  of searching for a viable retail site,   J&H Local  decided to set up shop in Brighouse!

J&H Local by now has become an industry renowned  convenience retailer, picking up 10 national level retailing awards along the way!


This   convenience store is   approximately  2,600 sq.ft in size and has car  parking for  up to  10 cars.

2016 - Sunny Sunderland

In 2016    we welcomed  another new site to our company , J&H Local - Sunderland.

This super sized convenience store has pushed the boundaries on all fronts!


This   convenience store is   approximately  4,700 sq.ft in size and has car  parking for  up to  15   cars.

As of 2016 the company now trades from  10,200 sq.ft  of retail space  and  employs  up  to  50  emplyees!

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